Chef John "Chainsaw" Taus, who has cooked just about everywhere around town for the last dozen years, is packing his knives for New York, where he plans to join a friend who has a consulting business.

His last day at The Corner and Foodery will be Nov. 22.

"I'd never thought about going to New York," said the Allentown-bred Taus, 31, whose wife, Vivian, also works with him and owner Tony Rim.

"I've got a great thing in Philly, and I love the guy [Rim], but this seems like my best move now."

Taus worked at Starr restaurants Tangerine, Buddakan, Angelina, Morimoto, Washington Square, and Pod, as well as at Bliss, James, Zahav, Snackbar, the Diving Horse, and Pub and Kitchen.