The Good Stuff Eatery that closed last weekend on 18th Street near Chestnut will become home to what one of the owners says will be a "different style of cheesesteak shop" come January.

Dimitri Poulimenos and his sister, Electra, who grew up in the family meat business in Delaware County, said Tuesday they were fulfilling a lifelong dream.

The project appears to be a symbiotic relationship. The Poulimenoses have the key products at their fingertips, while their business partners have the restaurant operations side down. They're working with relatives by marriage who own Zesto Pizza & Grill, a local mini-chain; see Eater's interview with Zesto's Ted Bouikidis here.

The shop will have its own name, branding, and menu, which will include steak sandwiches made from fresh rib-eye, chicken steaks, bowls, salads, fries, and shakes. They're even working on their own bread. There will be beer in bottles for sale and, eventually, delivery, Poulimenos said.

Poulimenos, emphasizing that this venture is independent of his family's business, said the still-unnamed shop, at 108 S. 18th St., will undergo a gentle transformation to make it look more "Philadelphia."

Update (12/28/15): Name will be Cleavers.