Chef Evan Turney, who spent 17 years helping restaurateur George Anni run his empire (Varga Bar, Mercato, Valanni, and the new Butcher Bar), has a new job.

And it is a homecoming.

He'll be executive chef at Bud & Marilyn's, putting him in the employ of his sister, Marcie Turney, who with Valerie Safran owns a string of restaurants on 13th Street in Washington Square West, including Lolita, Barbuzzo, Little Nonna's, and Jamonera.

"It was time," Turney said, explaining his move to the homespun-American restaurant. Marcie Turney held the executive chef's title previously.

He worked with his sister, who was executive chef at Audrey Claire in the late 1990s and at the opening of Valanni in 2000. He also helped his sister at the opening of Twenty Manning.

The move also works for sentimental reasons. Marcie Turney set up Bud & Marilyn's, at 13th and Locust Streets, as an homage to their grandparents Bud and Marilyn Briese, who in 1950 opened a restaurant called The Spot in Ripon, Wis.