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Chef change at Southwark

Nick Macri gets the nod.

When Southwark at Fourth and Bainbridge Streets reopens from its winter break Wednesday, Jan. 9, there will be a change in the kitchen.

Sheri and Kip Waide have handed it over to Nick Macri, who has been with the couple for three years.

But when you see Macri, don't say, "Break a leg."

That's exactly what Sheri Waide - the chef half of the locavore restaurant's partnership - did last spring. Macri stepped in and took over. This move just makes it more formal.

The couple, who opened Southwark in 2004, will spend more time pursuing their agrarian interests, including cheesemaking with Sue Miller at Birchrun Hills Farm. They also will expand their farmette at the Jersey Shore, where they have two beehives and grow vegetables and herbs.

(They're now calling their Shore place "Stumble Meadow," because that is where she fell and broke her leg.)

Dinner (menu here) is on Tuesday through Saturday; a late-night menu (here) runs from 10 p.m. to midnight, and the bar closes at 2 a.m.