Here's one way to get Philly-born Hardball host Chris Matthews to take a day off:

His son Michael, 27, a third-year graduate film student in New York City at NYU's Tisch School of the Arts, is getting married Sunday in Charleston, S.C., to Sarah Staveley-O'Carroll, 29, a third-year law student at NYU.

The couple, who met seven years ago at Brown U, will be moving to Philly as she plans to work next year as a judicial law clerk to U.S. District Judge Renee Marie Bumb in Camden. (Chris and wife Kathleen Matthews' daughter Caroline is in Philly, too, as she is finishing her third year at Penn. And Chris' brother Jim is a Montgomery County commissioner.)

Sarah says they met in line at a Brown cafeteria when Michael accidentally-on purpose stole her toast as she was waiting for an omelet.

Chris and Kathleen Matthews called it admirable that their future daughter-in-law chose to wait for their son while he was a health worker in Rwanda. Sarah had started law school at Penn but transferred to NYU to be closer to him.

Chris Matthews will be off the air Monday.