A year after opening coZara in University City, Hiroyuki "Zama" Tanaka wanted to make changes.

The Japanese bar (or izakaya) had opened at Chestnut Square (33d and Chestnut Streets) without a sushi bar. And though sushi was added to the menu, Tanaka believed that a sushi bar was needed. He also believed that the space was too cold and industrial.

On Saturday, March 14, coZara will open after a quick renovation by Boxwood Architects that added bamboo window treatments and rice paper to the windows on the second floor to diffuse the light and warm up the main dining room. Charcoal drapery now "boxes in" the interior windows around the patio

On the ground floor, the front door has been moved to create a more defined bar area. An eight-seat sushi bar has been added, and geisha imagery has been added to the staircase.