Coquette, the bistro at Fifth and Bainbridge Streets on the edge of Queen Village, has had its share of drama in its two-plus years:

Now, it looks more serious.

The Philadelphia Sheriff's Office has the premises listed for a sheriff's sale at 11 a.m. Oct. 29.

The sale is ordered by attorney Michael Hollander of Community Legal Services. He represents Heraldo Arrellano, a onetime $9-an-hour kitchen worker at Neff's previous restaurant, Sansom Street Oyster House.

Arrellano went to court in July 2008 to claim that he was owed $1,229 for his final pay. A default judgment was entered. With fees, damages and interest, the debt is now about $2,800.

In an e-mail Wednesday night, owner Cary Neff said Coquette would reopen under a different concept. He did not address the sheriff's sale.

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