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Cued up: Upscale billiards parlor for Center City

1200 Bank is making a play.

Plans are unfolding for 1200 Bank, an upscale billiards parlor in the grand, former Beneficial bank building at 12th and Chestnut Streets. (A billiards project has been in the works there for a year now.)

The operation would have 17 tables in the first floor, and use the upper, former boardroom floors as private events room. There'd also be a roof terrace lounge.

The billiards use requires a variance from the Zoning Board of Adjustment and the roof-terrace addition requires Historical Commission approval.

Neighbors seem divided. One camp wants to clean up one of Center City's sketchier blocks. Others fear noise from the roof deck, though designers say they will install measures to attenuate the sound.

The building itself -- from which the bank pulled out in 1999 -- is said to be in fine shape.12

The ZBA is expected to hear the plans on Oct. 13.

h/t @MariaValetta