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DBA: A restaurant junkie's quiz

Restaurants usually have catchy names, but the businesses behind them often do not. Here's a quiz: Match 15 corporation names with their restaurants.

Restaurants usually have catchy names, but the businesses behind them seldom do. Sometimes, these LLCs and LPs take the initials of the partners. Sometimes, they're an inside joke. Sometimes, they're merely descriptive. When it came time to set up the corporation behind Davio's, the Italian steakhouse at 17th and Chestnut Streets, Steve DiFillippo simply chose "111 S. 17th St. Inc."

OK, food nerds. How many of the following corporations can you match with the restaurant's trade names? Some are a snap, if you're a "Table Talk" reader, but others, well…

E-mail your list to by 5 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 19.

First correct match-up will win a new cookbook. 

 1. 114 S. 12th Inc.                                                               a. Susanna Foo's Gourmet Kitchen
 2. 1623 Restaurant Limited Partnership, L.P.                           b. Buddakan
 3. Mahan Inc.                                                                       c. Cuba Libre in Old City
 4. Irish Table Inc.                                                                 d. Tria in Rittenhouse
 5. Argentina Grill LLC                                                            e. Les Bons Temps
 6. Kosher Dairy Restaurant LLC                                             f. Drinker's Pub
 7. Square Burrito LLC                                                            g. The Khyber
 8. La Casa Culinary LLC                                                        h. The Plough & the Stars
 9. Costar Partners LP                                                            i. Alma de Cuba
10. La Cuidad LLC                                                                 j. Mantra
11. Thursday Enterprises LLC                                                 k. Mexican Post in Old City
12. Fishmouth Inc.                                                                 l. El Fuego in Rittenhouse
13. Sansom 18                                                                      m. Distrito
14. Alaska Café LLC                                                              n. Amada
15. ESF Ventures                                                                   o. Noche