CN8 will go away early next year, Comcast told its employees on Wednesday.

More than 300 people in Philly, Boston and Washington, just about everyone on Comcast's signature channel, will be let go.

The channel, to be called simply "the Comcast Network," will operate under the auspices of Comcast SportsNet.

Lynn Doyle, one of the first CN8 employees (and wife of creator Mike Doyle, who left Comcast earlier this year), told me tonight that she has been told that she will remain in a prominent role. A company spokesman said Larry Kane (Voice of Reason) and Robert Traynham (Roll Call in Washington) are expected to be part of the channel's new incarnation. Nothing has been announced about other personalities, including Art Fennell, Connie Colla, Greg Coy, Mary Caraccioli and Janet Zappala.