Ambler has its first taqueria, and a second* is on the way.

El Jefe, a colorful quick-serve, opened the other day at 9 N. Main St. (215-367-5892).

Setup is similar to the previous occupant, Rosey's BBQ: Order at the counter and eat along the wall or at a table next door.

The opening ended a legal drama for owners/friends Rene H. Zepeda, who also runs La Villa Mexican Grill in Skippack, and Israel Morales.

They initially had planned to call the place Taco Feliz but found themselves facing a lawsuit from Tim Spinner and Brian Sirhal, who own Cantina Feliz restaurant in nearby Fort Washington.

Zepeda and Morales decided not to fight.

They opted for a translation of "the chief," or "the boss."

"We never wanted to confuse people," said Zepeda. "We just want to serve good food."

The men, natives of Puebla, offer their home favorite, cemitas poblanos, as part of a straight-up menu of burritos, tortas, flautas, tostados, picaditas, and tacos.

Figure $2.25 for a taco (served with radish, cucumber, and lime) up to $16.95 for steak alambre.

* A branch of El Limon, the Conshohocken taqueria, is supposedly about a week away at 38 E. Butler Ave.

who also owns La Villa Mexican Grill in Skippack
who also owns La Villa Mexican Grill in Skippack
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