An agreement of sale for Finnigan's Wake is null and void, says one of the partners, and the future of the now-shuttered Northern Liberties bar is still unclear.

Without going into specifics, Mike Driscoll said he and his partners and the potential buyer could not go to settlement last week.

The prospective sale price was never disclosed, but the property on the northeast corner of Third and Spring Garden Streets had been marketed most recently with a $3.9 million price tag.

Driscoll, who is running for state House and wants to get out of the bar business, said plans were unclear whether to put the sprawling former casket factory back on the market or to find a new operator.

With the holidays on the way, he said they were considering opening for private parties. The place is still furnished and equipped.

Finnigan's, which opened 17 years ago, had been open only infrequently since midsummer and has been closed altogether since Labor Day.

In 2012, City Council struck Bodine Street, at the eastern end of the property, from the city plan, enabling its use by Finnigan's as outdoor seating. Council also permitted balconies to be constructed along part of the Spring Garden Street side. Neither of these features has been developed.