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More for Fishtown: Wine cafe and taco shop

Heffe is a taqueria from chef Peter McAndrews, while Fishtown Social is a wine/beer cafe from Fishtown's Vanessa Wong.

Two nearby properties on Frankford Avenue in Fishtown may be seeing new life.

At the corner of Frankford Avenue and Marlborough Street - a bit up the street from The Yachtsman - is a tiny little shack that seems stuck to the side of a rowhouse like a barnacle.

It's been a grocery and takeout over the years. But with its distinctive look, wouldn't it make a good taco stand?

Precisely the plan of Peter McAndrews, owner of such spots as Modo Mio, the Paesano's sandwich shops, Monsu and Bridgid's. He plans to set it up later this spring as Heffe - as in "boss."

Your taco finished, head a block north to another triangular lot at Frankford Avenue and Oxford Street.

Local entrepreneur Vanessa Wong, who bought the corner building at 1525 Frankford Ave. because it was a "vacant eyesore," is planning a small wine and beer cafe called Fishtown Social.

"Just a cozy local spot with a unique selection of wine and beer and some small plates/snacks," she said. Already, she has taken down the pent roof and installed new windows.

There's no timeline for this project.