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Gnocchi gets its owner back

Sandro Frusone founded the BYO at Passyunk and South

Look who's back.

Sandro Frusone, who in 1997 founded the cute little Italian BYOB Gnocchi at 613 E. Passyunk Ave. (just off Fifth and South Streets) and then sold it, returned from a 10-year sojourn in Italy.

As of last week, he's back in the kitchen. "And I'm back for good," said Frusone, who first hit the restaurant radar with the long-gone Ristorante San Carlo, which he operated with his brother, Giancarlo. (Giancarlo operates Trattoria Prima Donna at 1506 Spruce St.)

With typical modesty, Sandro Frusone said the food is better than ever. "Lower prices, too," he said. "Back to the '90s." That is, $5 salads, $7-$8 apps, $12 gnocchi, $14 chicken. Plus slightly more expensive seafood specials. His new old menu comes on board later this week. It's dinner only from 5 p.m. seven days.

As he's told everyone, "You're welcome to bring your own wine, and you're welcome to share it with me."

(Hat tip to a reader for the lead on this.)