The fast-casual restaurant company Honeygrow, coming on four years old, is experiencing a growth spurt.

Now with seven locations (one of which is closed for renovations), Honeygrow founder/CEO Justin Rosenberg expects to have 15 or 16 stores selling stir-fries, salads, and smoothies by the end of the year.

"That's five managers per store, doing a 10- to 12-week training," Rosenberg said last week.

Where to train them?

And with Honeygrow growing, isn't it time for a test kitchen as well as a production kitchen to create sauces and dressings - rather than making them in-house? And room for offices?

That's what Rosenberg and his partner, president and chief financial officer David Robkin, were thinking last year when they approached their board with the idea of creating all of this under one roof.

Honeygrow right now is building out such a facility where Fishtown meets Kensington. Richard Stokes Architecture has designed suites of offices, the test kitchen (dubbed "Mini-grow") and more in 18,000 square feet in an otherwise nondescript building on Front Street at Oxford.

Honeygrow expects the facility, which will not be a public restaurant, to be ready by mid-April, shortly after the 16th Street location in Center City reopens after renovations.