Keith Garabedian says he has pulled the plug on Hot Diggity, the hot dog shop he opened 3 1/2 years ago at 630 South St.

Citing financial and personal issues, Garabedian called the closing of Hot Diggity "the most painful decision we have ever had to make."

"I loved working at Hot Diggity," he said. "I loved bringing hot dogs to Philadelphia in a new and different way. Most of all I will miss our staff and our amazing customers. One of our regular customers, now a married couple, met over hot dogs years ago, but then became vegan. Once we opened they celebrated their anniversary every year over vegan hot dogs to commemorate their first date. There are dozens of stories like this we have heard over the years. During our time open, we have forged new food memories with our community and for that I could not be more proud."

Garabedian's enthusiasm for franks was genuine, and he always kept the varieties of Sabrett dogs (and Loma Linda vegan dogs) interesting.

He says he is not sure what the future holds, though he plans to keep the Hot Diggity name alive via Facebook. The page will become a destination for hot dog history and recipes.

Garabedian also is posting this touching farewell letter in the window, in which he thanks everyone.

He also is selling equipment, including deep fryers, a flat top grill, standing refrigerators, a chest freezer, work tables, and bar-height stools. Contact him via the shop.