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Hot dog + fried chicken + jelly doughnut =

Why not combine every food fad?

Fried chicken, doughnuts, hot dogs...

Why not combine every food fad in one sandwich.

I refer to the very fine wiener shop Cool Dog Cafe in Cherry Hill, which has developed The ICU, a hot dog topped with fried chicken and tucked into a jelly doughnut.

Why a jelly doughnut? Owners Ira Guttman and Shawn Harwood told me that they had tried a plain but it just didn't seem right. (A cream-filled would just be disgusting, I guess.)

Harwood, the cook, uses Sabrett all-beef hot dogs, usually found in New York/North Jersey, which he drops in a deep-fryer to give them a crinkly snap and cuts in half. He also fries Perdue boneless chicken. The doughnut, which he slices open as you would to expose the jelly, comes from ShopRite. (See a video on the "build" here.) It's $6.75.

Taste? Well, lots going on there: Smokiness from the dog counterpoised with sweetness from the jelly and doughnut, mixed with saltiness and crunchiness from the chicken. Best served with a defibrillator.