Reese Witherspoon, Jake Gyllenhaal and Paul Rudd -- here with the James L. Brooks comedy that needs a title already -- showed up Tuesday night at Panda Bar, the club attached to the Marathon Grill at 40th and Walnut Streets.


Meanwhile, across town at Rittenhouse Square, Owen Wilson slipped into something more comfortable. Showed up at Parc seeking a beer, wearing a pair of white slippers from his hotel.

At least they were white.

Monday night's travels found Witherhaal at Morimoto on Chestnut Street. Gyllenhaal kept his hat on through a two-hour meal that started with a beer flight for him and a glass of wine for Witherspoon. Then they went maki-wild, sharing spicy tuna maki, California maki, spicy salmon maki and yellowtail maki before segueing into sake sashimi, hotate sashimi, and saba sashimi. And a side of rice.