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How about another Phillies song

This one's "Parading Down Broad Street."

Another fan-generated song:

"Parading Down Broad Street," produced by Stu Green for Stu62 Productions at Studio E in Upper Darby.

Studio E is owned by guitarist/songwriter/producer Bobby Eli, who performed on the original 'Boogaloo' session in 1967. (For the two guys, it was a reunion of a relationship that started in 1963, when Eli played in Herb Johnson & the Impacts, and Green was a freshman at Penn with a little side business booking West Philly bands into Penn frat houses.)

Four members of Lost in Paris, a West Chester-based bar band, perform, as does guitarist Greg Davis (Beru Revue, Crosstown Traffic, and Kenn Kweder Secret Kidds.)

Link to the song is here.