If bubble tea was the new "it" sweet product a few years ago, get set for Thai rolled ice cream - a customized dessert made before customers' eyes.

Two weeks ago, Center City Philly saw the arrival of both Sweet Charlie's (711 Walnut St., across from Washington Square) and Ice Land (224 N. 10th St. in Chinatown), and a few more are on the way.

Last weekend, the 'burbs got into the act with 1°C Iceland (7 Allison Rd., Oreland, 215-886-8569), a shop tucked away in a mini-mall off Bruce Road.

Owner Wei Yang says this is his first shop. The setup is simple: Pick a flavor (original, green tea, or Thai tea), choose a mix (such as brownie, banana, kiwi, blueberry, or lychee), and add up to three toppings (such as marshmallow, peanut, or shredded coconut). The dessert is $5.75.

Thai rolled ice cream is made by pouring cream, flavorings, and toppings on a super-cold pan - hence the 1 degree Celsius in the name. Workers scrape and blend the ingredients and then roll it up.

There's also a shop tentatively called Frozen coming together in a former jewelry store at the southeast corner of 10th and Arch Street. This one is looking at a summer opening.

Below is the nighttime line at Sweet Charlie's, whose back story is here.