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Inside Tria Taproom

At this Tria sibling at 2005 Walnut St., the 24 beers, 2 ciders, 2 soft drinks, 12 wines all come out of taps.

Imagine a bar without bottles.

That's the thing at the sleek Tria Taproom, which opened Saturday, Nov. 8 at 2005 Walnut St. (215-557-8277).

The 24 beers, 12 wines, 2 ciders and 2 soft drinks (Victory root beer, Sprecher orange) all come out of taps.

See the tap list here. (This is a wonderful opportunity to try the deliciously spicy 2010 cabernet franc from Karamoor, the winery in Fort Washington.)

Like the other Trias, there is a solid cheese selection.

Unlike the other Trias, there's actual cooking going on, primarily from an wood-fired oven.

Star of the menu is the flatbread selection, including duck gorgonzola, roast pork, shrimp, fennel sausage and a breakfast style topped with potato, gorgonzola, smoked mozzarella, bacon, scallion, fried egg and thyme.

For now, it's open 4 p.m. to late night. In a few weeks, the opening will be at noon.