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It's alive! Taste the winning 'Frankenfood' dish

Chef Bobby Fisher at Molly Malloy's at Reading Terminal Market will serve July 13's winning "Frankenfood" dish for the next three months.

Bobby Fisher, chef at Molly Malloy's in Reading Terminal Market, was the guest judge on last night's Philly-shot episode of the Spike TV comedy/cooking show Frankenfood.

Not only did he judge hundreds of kooky dishes alongside series hosts Josh Capon and Tony Luke Jr., Fisher now has to cook the winning dish every day for three months.

That would be "Angry Ralph's Lobster Mac and Cheese," which last night made $10,000 for contestant Ralph Mazzocchi, chef-owner of Ralph's in Lancaster, a takeout shop.

Molly Malloy's is selling the dish for $16. It's a cast-iron skillet-full of chunchy cheesiness that is more than enough for one person. Get a salad and call it dinner.

In keeping with the Frankenfood mission - in which various disparate ingredients are combined to create deliciousness - Mazzocchi's mac and cheese includes lobster, white chocolate, whiskey, tomatoes, white wine, sharp cheddar and - yes - Cheetos. (Opposed to a flop dish last night called a Cheesy Nut Sack, which mixed peanut butter with mac and cheese, served on top of a garlic jelly and Nutter Butter cookies.)

During the taping last year, the judges selected two dishes to be fed to a crowd at Molly Malloy's.

Mazzocchi's mac and cheese bested an effort by Kim Malcolm, chef of Northern Liberties' PYT.

Malcolm, who makes the news regularly with such offerings as a deep-fried PB&J burger and lasagna bun burger, competed with "The Mouthful," a patty of bourbon, bacon and ice cream with a sliced Kit Kat bar as a bun. Then the whole thing was rolled in crushed potato chips and deep-fried.