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"I am so not a Jessica Simpson"

Kendra Wilkinson, fiancee of the Eagles' Hank Baskett, says she was just joking around Monday when she was talking about the Eagles on Fox's "Best Damn Sports Show's" podcast.

Kendra Wilkinson -- the Playboy Playmate/fiancee of the Eagles' Hank Baskett -- is back-pedaling furiously from her outrageous comments Monday on a podcast of Fox Sports' Best Damn Sports Show.

In sum: I was kidding. I was nervous. I am sorry. I am mortified about the fallout. (Baskett is not too happy with her.)

"I just jokingly said stuff," Wilkinson told me by phone this afternoon, in a call out of the blue. "I didn't have any intentions of causing any problems."

Wilkinson, 23, said BDSS producers cornered her before the Eagles-Browns game. "They had every intention of twisting my words around, to make me look like a Jessica Simpson."

"I am so not a Jessica Simpson."

Wilkinson said on the podcast that she had cornered coach Andy Reid and QB Donovan McNabb at the Eagles' Christmas party last weekend and suggested that McNabb throw "fade" passes more often to Baskett. ("He always tries to throw it to Kevin Curtis and it never happens," she said on the show. "But then, every time he throws it to Hank, it happens.") Today, she told me that she had said this jokingly to Reid at the party; McNabb was not there.

On the podcast, she said that she had suggested an end-zone celebration to Baskett that had him reenacting their engagement by getting down on one knee and "proposing" to the ball. Today, she said, "That's a fine! You can't do that. I was kidding."

Wilkinson, who was one of Hugh Hefner's girlfriends on the E! reality series Girls Next Door, said she got caught up in the conversation. "Before I was dating Hank, I was OK [giving] my own opinions. I've always done interviews... I shouldn't have said it. I didn't know my boundaries. Now that I'm involved with Hank, I should have been more careful. Everything I said was just joking. I didn't have any intentions on causing any problems. But now that everyone on the team is on Hank about it, I feel worse. I am so sorry.

"It came out like I am bashing the Eagles," she said. "I swear that I am not. I've always rooted for the Eagles, and I am a huge fan of Coach Reid. I feel so deeply sad about it."

"You won't hear my voice talking about football again."


Hear her Fox Sports appearance here.