Kermit's Bake Shoppe - the ambitious pizza/pastry bakery coming together amid a commercial strip at 2204 Washington Ave. - has targeted July 22 for its opening.

To enliven an otherwise workaday building (and remember that this is takeout and delivery only), owner Adam Ritter commissioned a design-wow for those who care to look upward and not inside the display cases: an enormous, slowly spinning wooden "Kermit's" rolling pin that appears to roll out a weathered section of tin ceiling.

The pin was designed by local craftsman Ian Stafford, and the section of tin ceiling was sourced to - and I have no way to confirm this - the house in Michigan where Magic Johnson grew up.

Ritter - with chef Brian Lofink (turning out old-fashioned, well-topped pizzas from gluten-free and conventional doughs; salads; hand pies; etc.) and pastry whiz Chad Durkin (pies! tarts! brownies!) - aren't even counting on people to come into the shop.

There's a fleet of delivery bikes.

More to come on this. Meanwhile, see the draft menu and catch up via Drew Lazor's fine backgrounder from early June.