La Terrasse, the Penn campus dining destination that's been dark for a year, is finally getting new life.

But not as LaT's.

Projected opening is spring.

Magrogan, who also owns the Kildare's pubs, recently signed with Penn to open a branch of his healthy-dining restaurant Harvest Seasonal Grill & Wine Bar to the former Marathon Grill spot at 40th and Walnut Streets.

Apparently no one wanted to revive LaT.

The bistro, which opened in 1966, was considered one of the city's top restaurants in its day and happened to be one of the fave haunts of 1960s hippie guru Ira Einhorn. It was at LaT's bar where he met and wooed Holly Maddux, whom he later killed and stuffed into a trunk before fleeing for France.

LaT's had a revolving door of operators over the last 15 years.