Le Bec Fin ends its 43-year run on Saturday, June 15 with a full house.

The front desk says the dining room is pretty much full for dinner much of the week, but tables are available at lunch. The bar downstairs is open seating.

The front desk says nothing special is planned for Saturday night.

Nostalgists will argue that Le Bec-Fin really closed last spring when founder Georges Perrier bowed out. New management attempted to revive the brand late last summer, but that didn't work out.

The space at 1523 Walnut St. will be reconceptualized this fall as a new restaurant - still unnamed - serving progressive American cuisine under the direction of wunderkind Roxborough native Justin Bogle, who at age 28 was one of the youngest chefs to receive two Michelin stars for his work at Gilt in Manhattan, which closed in December.

Chef Chris Scarduzio, who has had a long association with Le Bec Fin through Perrier, will be the restaurant's director of operations.