Lee's Hoagies? Well, maybe Lee's Vietnamese Hoagies.

Lee Quach has owned several Asian restaurants in South Philadelphia, including Cafe Nhu Y (which closed last year) and International Smokeless Barbecue (which he founded and later sold).

He is the Lee behind Lee's Cafe & Bistro, a stand-alone, family-run shop that opened a few months ago at 522 Washington Ave. (267-273-0922), in front of the Oriental Supermarket.

The first floor, open daily at 7 a.m., is a counter (with one table for dining) stocked with bao, rolls, banh mi (hoagies), and pastries.

The second floor is a dining room (open from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.) whose menu runs the board, including pho and other soups, vermicelli, and broken rice.

Lee's has gained a following for the banh mi - well-stuffed creations served on crusty rolls baked by James Beard Award finalist Artisan Boulanger Patissier, whose own shop is on Mifflin Street near 12th. (Artisan, owned by Cambodian-born André Chin and Amanda Eap, also makes Quach's pastries.)

Most banh mi are $4.50.