Queen Village has seen a healthy pop of new activity of late, with Royal Izakaya, Mi-Lah, Plenty Cafe, Village Taverna, and Teresa's Mesa opening in the last few months.

Wednesday, Dec. 14 brought the opening of Lucky's Last Chance, a spinoff of the Manayunk bar/burger/hot dog specialist, whose specialty is a burger topped with peanut butter, American cheese, and bacon and served with a side of grape jelly.

It's at 848 S. Second St., replacing Kennett and, before that, Lyon's Den.

Chris Barnes, a veteran bar man who with partners Mike Gartner and Sandra Barnes opened the first Lucky's in mid-2011, gave the place a lived-in look. Christian Cantiello of Keystone Signs executed a stylish old-fashioned Lucky's Last Chance "roadside" sign in the back room, where there's booth seating. Bar has 16 craft beers on tap.

It's open from dinnertime through late night during the week, and from lunchtime through late night on weekends.