Chef Nick Macri, one of our region's charcuterie masters, joined Border Springs Farm's stand at Reading Terminal Market in October, ostensibly to run the all-natural lamb shop for owner Craig Rogers while he tends his flock 275 miles away in southwestern Virginia.

Next week, Macri is taking over ownership of the stand.

Operating as La Divisa - after the region in Italy where his grandparents farmed - Macri is expanding the product line beyond Border Spring's prized lamb.

Macri, 30, says he will add pork from Country Time in Berks County and veal from Birchrun Hills Farm in Chester County. He also will create an extensive line of charcuterie from the lamb, veal and pork.

Rogers said La Divisa would become his largest retail client.

Rogers opened Border Springs two years ago, taking over a 500-square-foot stand across from Godshall's Poultry and behind the Original Turkey, smack in the middle of the landmark market. Rogers told me that Macri had done such a good job running it - suggesting that the stand stop selling prepared lunch foods, for example - that Rogers believed Macri had the chops (as in business, not necessarily lamb) to operate it.

The Canadian-raised Macri's last kitchen job was at Southwark in Queen Village.