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Malaysian sate coming to East Passyunk

Or call it "satay." Either way, a native of Malaysia is behind the BYOB coming to South Philadelphia.

"Sate" or "satay"?

"Sate," insists Angelina Branca, a native of Malaysia who, with her husband, John, is planning to open a BYO restaurant on East Passyunk Avenue specializing in the skewered-meat dish.

They're about to start work on Sate Kampar - after her hometown - at 1837 E. Passyunk Ave. The storefront was The Bottle Shop before its move to 1616 E. Passyunk.

Angelina says Americans are comfortable enough with sate - it's an appetizer staple everywhere - but to her, it's prepared incorrectly here.

"I've only seen it done on a gas grill or on a broiler," she said. "To do it right, you have to cook it over coconut shell charcoal."  She said she also has the marinade down right.

The timeline for opening is not firmed up.