Craig Wilson, a chef who says he worked at assorted Manayunk restaurants in his younger days before going off to New York, is developing what he calls a "global small-plates" bar-restaurant back in his old stomping grounds.

Wth his long-ago Harriton High classmate Eric Weinstein, a psychologist, they have leased the former Chabaa Thai space at 4371 Main St. (Chabaa Thai is in the process of being resurrected at 4255 Main St.)

"I'm older, wiser, less crazy," Wilson said, noting that he senses that the Manayunk scene is, too. (As in more food-focused than bar.)

Wilson said his menu will include an array of Indian, Mexican, Thai, Greek, and Moroccan dishes, made with as much locally sourced ingredients as he can obtain.

"Maya J" is a combination of Weinstein's children's names.

They hope to open in October.