New York City's Nom Wah Tea Parlor - a nearly century-old bastion of dim sum on Doyers Street in Chinatown - is fixing to open a Philly location.

Wilson Tang, Nom Wah's second-generation owner, says he will set up at 218 N. 13th St., a storefront on the northern edge of the Pennsylvania Convention Center and just off the beaten path in Chinatown.

Put down your chopsticks. Timeline won't even be known till fall.

Nom Wah traces its history to 1920. Tang, a business exec, took over Nom Wah in 2010 from his uncle Wally, who had run it since 1974. Wilson Tang spruced it up, though its charm lies in its well-worn look. It serves dim sum all day on demand; no carts.

Wilson Tang visited Philly recently on a scouting trip.

On April 21, he tweeted and Instagrammed what he called the "highlight" of a four-hour trip to Philly: a dish at Cheu Noodle Bar in Washington Square West.

More to come.