The Philadelphia Sheriff's Office tried unsuccessfully on Tuesday to sell the rights to the state liquor license used by the Walnut Street bar Farmers' Cabinet.

The auction - which was unusual in that it was held on the sidewalk outside the shuttered restaurant (1111-1113 Walnut St.) - attracted eight potential buyers.

None offered the minimum bid of $45,000. At least one onlooker was surprised to learn that the entire sale price would have to be paid in cash on the spot.

A sheriff's deputy explained that bidders would be paying for the right to buy the license, which may have encumbrances, including tax liens. A $1.3 million default judgment was entered last year against Farmers' Cabinet owners Matt and Colleen Swartz.

"Clean" liquor licenses in Philadelphia County sell for more than $90,000.

Sheriff's deputies rescheduled the sale for noon April 28 at the sheriff's office, 100 S. Broad St.

"That's what I was afraid of," said Sebastian Miller, a former Farmers' Cabinet manager who sued over nearly $3,600 in back pay. (See article here.)

The sale would settle a default judgment entered against Colleen Swartz, whose name appears on the license.

The restaurant closed last July. It was evicted after a tumultuous past.