Sit down at Marigold Kitchen in West Philadelphia, and you'll get no menu.

Chef-owner Robert Halpern has made good on his early promise to force his customers to put themselves into his hands. The only decision: seafood, meat or vegetarian for the entree.

The $85-a-head BYOB dinner includes up to 15 courses, including amuse bouches, small plates and an entree.

Halpern says the reception has been good since the concept began a few weeks ago.


Seafood - Scallops served with english peas, wild mushrooms, pancetta and parmesan broth

Meat - Lavender marinated quail with corn, paradiso fig, and truffled pine nut praline

Vegetarian - Baked quinoa with miso eggplant and roasted cauliflower with a lemon tahini glaze