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OMG! It's Justin Bieber!

But don't ask him to sing.

Justin Bieber can't sing.

I refer to Justin Bieber the lawyer from Center City Philadelphia, not Justin Bieber the 16-year-old tween magnet.

Bieber, a litigator with Clearfield Kofsky & Penneys who turns 32 on Thursday, has received smiles every time he's given his name since last summer, when Justin the Younger released his hit single "One Time."

Their worlds clashed when Justin the Lawyer tried to place an ad in the Philadelphia Daily News. Seeking to avoid prank calls to the law firm, Bieber added his middle name, Matte, to his full name in the ad.

Then there's the e-mail he received two weeks ago from a restaurant in New York, advising that he had canceled a reservation. Bieber says he has no idea how the Central Park BoatHouse got his e-mail address.