For the better part of the year, as Victor Fellus and John Frankowski plotted out their Italian-Mediterranean bistro in the Aria at 15th and Locust Streets, the name was hanging out there.

Titra or Tietra?

Signs called it "Tietra," while Fellus insisted that was a typo - that the place was named after an Israeli footballer named Titra.

In the meantime, Fellus says, suppliers picked up the "Tietra" spelling on invoices.

And so, Tietra (231 S. 15th St.) it will be when it opens in a few weeks.

It's just up the block from Red Mango, next door to the Applebee's, and across from Good Dog.

The menu will hit the basics - chicken/veal parm, kebabs, a Moroccan-style fish of the day, with sandwiches and salads at lunch.

Setup includes a high-ceilinged bar area on the street level with a balcony main dining room on the second floor, reminiscent of Con Murphy's. Bar is crafted out of a walnut tree.