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Opening a restaurant?

A TV show is scouting projects to feature.

Everyone seems to be opening a restaurant these days.

And many will flame out.

A new TV series is looking for people preparing to open their very first restaurant and who lack real restaurant experience.

Canadian consultant/chef David Adjey is behind The Opener, and he'll swoop in and assist beforehand.

His people are looking for openings planned within one to six months.

A few guidelines:

  1. The restaurant cannot be a chain or franchise.

  2. The restaurant must be full service (no delis, bakeries, takeout, etc.).

  3. The restaurant must serve alcohol.

  4. The restaurant must have at least 30 seats.

  5. The owner wants/needs the help of a restaurant consultant

  6. The owner is a great character and has other people helping him/her.

  7. The owner must be willing to divulge the restaurant budget on camera.

  8. The owner must be open to having a crew shoot in the restaurant for about 10 days.

Contact is