Paloma, which has been dishing upmarket French-influenced Mexican cuisine since mid-2010 at 763 S. Eighth St. in Bella Vista (and for nearly a decade before that in Northeast Philadelphia's Oxford Circle section), will close after dinner Dec. 22.

In a note on the restaurant's Facebook page, owners Adán and Barb Cohan-Saavedra wrote: "We've been doing this for more than 17 years and – although we still love it – it's time for us to be able to take vacations, spend time with friends and family and enjoy life."

"Barb will continue to practice law.  Adán will address the back and elbow issues that have long plagued him, as they do so many chefs.  

"Beginning in early 2017, Adán will begin offering private chef services, serving his wonderful creations and Barb’s desserts in clients’ homes for dinner parties of 4-12 guests.  He is considering offering cooking classes as well."

They left the email address,, as well.  

Adán Saavedra, a native of Michoacan who worked in some of Philadelphia's finest French kitchens, takes his culinary cues from the brief 1860s reign of Emperor Maximilian and his wife, Carlota, installed by Napoleon III of France.

He came up through the ranks in the Philadelphia area 30 years ago as a non-English-speaking dishwasher in Conshohocken. He then worked his way up to line cook in diners, then in French kitchens (Taquet, La Truffe, Ciboulette, the cafeteria at the Four Seasons).

Saying the restaurant is in move-in condition, Barb Cohan-Saavedra said they could leave their equipment in place to sell to a new tenant.