The hammering underway on that triangle building where Seventh Street, Passyunk Avenue, Carpenter and Kimball Streets come together in Bella Vista is shaping up as Pancho's Grill.

The cantina is the new location of El Rey at the Baja Room, which pulled up stakes from 15th and South Streets a few months ago.

For a while, owner Michael Ortega had restaurants on two corners - the space on the northwest corner of 15th and South, now Sawatdee, was a BYOB. Ortega also had a restaurant in New York till 2007.

Ortega describes the cooking as Mayan style, though not truly authentic Mexican. He makes his own tortillas. There will be drinks, but not a bar, he said.

Right now, it's in extremely soft-opening mode (irregular hours), but he hopes to be open next month.

Update: As neighbors have pointed out to me, he lacks a zoning variance. I also see that he lacks a liquor license for that location, though he still owns Baja Room's from 1500 South St.