Paul Bouikidis' dream restaurant is a week away from opening.

Bouikidis, who owned Pine Street Pizza at 12th and Pine and was instrumental in the family-run Effie's down the block, didn't live to see the place, in a former antique shop on the same block in Wash West.

After his passing in February, daughters Effie Bouikidis-Schweich and Christina Jimenez picked up the ball, started construction, and navigated the red tape.

The name part was easy.

Paul, a 28-seat white-tablecloth BYOB, opens Tuesday (7/21) at 1120 Pine St., the corner of Pine and Quince.

Entrees on the American menu, from chefs Adam Merlin (Effie's, Georges') and Joshua Noh (Pumpkin, Chifa), will be priced at $28 and under. Sample appetizers: yellow tomato gazpacho, crab springrolls, duck prosciutto salad. Sample entrees: wild Atlantic halibut, rib-eye steak, marinated veal "skirt steak," and bouillabaisse.

Interior, which is still coming together, is high-ceilinged and a riot of white.