Rae, the ambitious restaurant that chef Daniel Stern opened in the Cira Centre at 30th Street in late December 2006, will move to Center City.
And it will move up: to the 37th floor of Two Liberty Place, whose top 20 floors are being converted into luxury condos known as the Residences at Two Liberty Place.
Rae will become the highest restaurant open to the public in Philly, with south, east and west views from 500 feet up. Two Liberty’s managing partner,  Albo Antenucci Jr., says he expects it to open around Labor Day.
Stern, who also opened the much smaller bistro Gayle in Queen Village in 2005, won’t talk much about it, other than to say, “We do have plans for the current space.” (Read: Something more casual.) Stern also won’t give a timetable for Rae’s closing in the Cira Centre.
The move will set up a Center City showdown between Stern and his former patron, Georges Perrier (Table 31, Brasserie Perrier, Le Bec-Fin).
Stern joined Le Bec-Fin as chef in the summer of 2002 and quickly helped it regain its fifth star from the Mobil Guide. (The star loss two years before ate at Perrier’s very soul. The restaurant relinquished the Mobil rating in April when it changed concept.)
In early 2004, Perrier canned Stern.