Sonsie, which opened in 2006 at the Pier at Caesars in Atlantic City, shut down over the weekend, and the pier's management office says it's "closed for renovations." Back in Boston, where chef Patrick Lyons oversees the main location, a manager told me that the A.C. location has not been affiliated with it for some time. Sonsie did not impress Craig LaBan during his 2007 visit, and the restaurant's focus had been all over the place.

From City Paper's MealTicket comes word that Kingyo, the Japanese restaurant at 1720 Sansom St., has closed. From the mid-1990s till its sale in 2008, it was Genji, much-praised for its sushi. Founder Hideo Omori opened the first location in the mid-1980s at 4002 Spruce St. in West Philadelphia and later branched out with sushi sales to Fresh Fields (now Whole Foods). In 1999, police said he killed himself in the office of the Sansom Street location.