It's been something like two years that Pascual "Pat" Cancelliere has been trying to open 943, his Argentine-Italian BYOB, open in the Italian Market. (It's at 943 S. Ninth St., hence the address.)

Now, Cancelliere says, it's down to one health inspection that, fingers crossed, would allow him to unlock the door as soon as Tuesday (1/18).

The dining room, which has been ready for weeks, is adorable -- well-spaced, lacquered wooden tables, dishtowels as napkins, sunny flowers, open kitchen. Befitting the homespun theme, he has an accordion, a guitar, and a bottle of wine in the window of the former gift shop.

He'll do lunch and dinner, seven days. The Argentine-Italian combination is Cancelliere, as his late father, John, was born in Italy but spent much of his younger life in Argentina.

Lunch menu is here. Dinner menu is here.