Bidding on eBay ends at 6 p.m. Tuesday on 267-867-5309, a local version of the phone number immortalized by the 1982 Tommy Tutone hit "867-5309/Jenny."

But Jason Kaplan, 23, of Holland, Bucks County, can't sell the number. The buyer will get a wireless-phone business and phone loaded with the number. Kaplan, who got it for free, says he was recently accepted to medical school and needs cash.

The number's area-code 201 version sold on eBay for $186,853.09 earlier this year.

Jeffrey Steinberg of Bala Cynwyd, who owns the 800 and 888 versions and, in a widely publicized deal a few months ago, signed a $25 million, 15-year lease/purchase agreement on the 800 number with nutrition firm Natrient L.L.C.

Steinberg, an officer of Rio Capital Management, a hedge fund, says that anyone who'd pay more than $10,000 for the 267 number is "crazy. It's a local number. The [toll-free] number is the only one that's real."

The 215 version of the number is apparently not assigned.

Update: The auction closed at $5,500.