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Rock Lobster giving way to Morgan's Pier

Delaware Avenue summer scene.

Morgan's Pier will be the name of the seasonal restaurant/beer garden that is planned for a May 25 opening at the former Rock Lobster, the landmark club at 221 N. Columbus Blvd. (It was known as Octo in its last incarnation.)

Four Corners Management's Avram Hornik says he's in talks with a name-brand chef* to serve a backyard grill menu - "like you'd get at the home of a chef."

Morgan's Pier, intended as a family friendly destination by day and nightspot by, um, night, will be heavily landscaped to thwart the sun.

And that's Morgan's Pier, opposed to Piers Morgan.

Hornik tells me that the "Morgan" in question was George C. Morgan, a construction worker on the Benjamin Franklin Bridge 85 years ago, who is credited as being the first person to cross the bridge. Lore suggests that he defied his boss' orders and shimmied across the wires before the deck was completed.

The Daily News has a story today on Hornik and his holdings. It's here.

* Updated: David Katz of Meme in Center City is consulting on the menu. Here is the menu (PDF).