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Cheesesteaks under the El

First Street Steaks is now being set up next to the Market-Frankford El's Girard Avenue stop.

One of the more booming sandwich areas these days is Front Street and Girard Avenue, where Northern Liberties, Fishtown and Kensington meet.

You have Paesano's on West Girard, Sketch Burger on East Girard, and, early this fall, a branch of Joe's Steaks at Frankford and Girard. (Plus, on the sit-down-eatery side, you have the forthcoming Calexico - a California/Mexican hybrid - on the opposite corner of Frankford and Girard.)

More cheesesteaks are on the way. Let me tell you about First Street Steaks & Hoagies, now being set up next to the Market-Frankford El's Girard Avenue stop. (It's just off the corner, at 1204 N Front St.)

Steve Rodriguez, a designer, wants to elevate the classic Philly sandwich shop. First off, he'll open for breakfast. He'll also use Carangi rolls and serve an assortment of hand-cut fries.

He plans to offer two versions of the steak sandwich: a fresh, center-cut sirloin (your typical cheesesteak meat) as well as a filet "tip" that is cubed and pounded into thin patties and served medium rare. (The steakhouse Union Trust used to do a sandwich like this.)

Every day, Rodriguez and crew will make their own "White Wizz" cheese sauce. Turkeys will be broiled on site every morning (six hours) and hand-pulled 50/50 white and dark meat to make a pilgrim sandwich.

Opening is penciled in for Aug. 10.