The restaurant space next to the Regal movie theater in Edgmont Square Shopping Center (4755 West Chester Pike, Newtown Square) has not had much luck, given the short-time status of Roux 3, Parker's Prime, and now Sang Kee Noodle Bowl.

Win and Sutida Somboonsong, who owned the last two restaurants in the space, are ending their licensing deal with Sang Kee's Michael Chow after a year. On Aug. 29, they will close the Sang Kee to retool the kitchen. On Sept. 5, the plan goes, it will open as Azie Southeast, a version of the two Azies, in Media and Villanova.

This location will serve the cuisines of Southeast Asia. Unlike the other Azie locations, there will be no sushi or sashimi so they won't compete with their nearby Teikoku.

Entrees will top out at $22, and a bottle beer list of 50 to 60 is planned.