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Scarpetta, a posh Italian restaurant, opening in Rittenhouse Hotel

Among its signature dishes is spaghetti tomato and basil.

The deal had been rumored since last summer and was confimed Monday.

Scarpetta is owned by LDV Hospitality, which operated three restaurants at the Revel Casino in Atlantic City (American Cut with Iron Chef Marc Forgione, Azure with chef Alain Allegretti, and Lugo Italian) before the casino went bust and shut them out. The same fate befell other Revel restaurants, including Jose Garces' Amada, Yuboka, Village Whiskey, and Distrito Cantina.

Scarpetta's culinary chef team, Jon Oh and Jorge Espinoza, will consult on the opening menu, which will include new menu items specific to the Philadelphia restaurant. It will be open for lunch and dinner.

LDV also operates Scarpetta locations in Miami, Beverly Hills, Las Vegas, and in the Hamptons.

The name is based on an Italian expression "fare la scarpetta," as in the gesture of taking the little boot-shaped piece of bread to soak up the remaining sauce left on the plate.

Scarpetta makes pasta in-house. Among its signature dishes is spaghetti tomato and basil, subject of numerous articles and this DIY feature.