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Simply Shabu coming to Chinatown

Simply Shabu is coming to 1023 Cherry St.

Princeton-raised, Rutgers-educated Dennis Tuan spent six months in Taiwan, working with his brother on a food startup.

Although the business did not do so well, he got an education in shabu shabu, the Asian fondue/hot pot that involves cooking raw meat, seafood and/or vegetables in a broth at the table.

He noticed that Philly's Chinatown lacked such a restaurant, though a few (Ken's, Tai Lake) will do 'em with notice.

So he rented a storefront (1023 Cherry St.), bought up a bunch of induction stoves, and set to work on creating Simply Shabu.

Most of the 40 seats will be set up in a bar configuration, though there will be tables for two and four - each with stoves so patrons can cook their own.

All the hot pots start with a chicken-based broth (regular or spicy) and choices of meats and vegetables. Figure on about $15 a person.

Tuan, working with his wife, Katherine, says he will source local ingredients.

They'll aiming for a mid-November opening.