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Snockey's is for sale

1.35 million clams. And there are no plans to close.

Everything has a price.

For 1.35 million clams, you can own Snockey's, the century-old Queen Village oyster and crab house.

The business and its building on Second Street just above Washington Avenue are being marketed; a large ad appeared in the Philadelphia Weekly. You can also see the listing online.

The listing talks up the parking, the restaurant and the two income-producing, 1,000-square-foot, 2-BR/2-BA apartments.

In an extensive interview recently with about the restaurant, Ken and Skip Snock gave no indication that the place was for sale.

They are not talking, and neither is Patrick Conway of Berkshire Hathaway/Pru Fox Roach, who has the listing.

Snockey's was founded in 1912 at 148 South St. In 1918, it moved to Second and Fitzwater Streets. In 1931, it moved to 523 S. Eighth St. (at Rodman Street) before the city forced another move. It's been located at 1020 S. Second St. since 1975.

Important note: Just because a restaurant is up for sale does not mean that it is closed or even in danger of closing. Absent details from the Snocks, it's probably a case in which the brothers - who commute daily from Cape May County - have just had enough with the day-to-day. Meanwhile, it's business as usual at Snockey's.